Key New Technologies

CymSTAR’s Subject Matter Experts (SME) provide ongoing distributed training expertise and collaboration through regular attendance at working groups and technical data interchanges:

  • DMO Standards Development Working Group (SDWG)
  • Standards Implementation Working Group (SIWG)
  • Leading participant in the USAF Mobility Air Force (MAF) DMO Integrated Product Team (IPT)
  • USAF MAF DMO Technical Management Working Group (TMWG)
  • Air Refueling Working Group (ARWG) for DMO standards

CymSTAR produced the initial versions of the Aerial Refueling Airplane Simulation Qualification (ARASQ) standard and was again contracted to update the standard to Revision C.  The ARASQ standard optimizes the Simulator Certification (SIMCERT) qualification testing required for air refueling flight regimes, which is based on Proof of Match flight test aerodynamic data for the Tanker, the Boom, and the various receiver aircraft platforms.

CymSTAR’s KC-135 BOWST was the very first device qualified to ARASQ Revision C, enabling the United States Air Force to move aerial refueling training from the aircraft and into the simulator.