CymSTAR LLC is a HUBZone certified and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) established in 2003 to design, develop & produce new training systems; provide engineering and systems integration of newly developed or modified training systems.

CymSTAR Services LLC is a SDVOSB established in 2007 & provides Training Systems Management & support, to include Training System Support Centers (TSSC), Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) services, Aircrew Training Systems (ATS), Maintenance Training Systems (MTS), Ground-Based Tactical Training Systems, Pilot, Flight Engineer, and Loadmaster Instruction, Live Fire Ranges maintenance & logistical support, and other ancillary support services. CymSTAR LLC provides engineering reach-back and surge capability support from its Headquarters staff.

CymSTAR and CymSTAR Services share the same management, finances, accounting, human resources, and internal processes. Together, we continue to demonstrate our skills in all facets of configuration management, change management, systems engineering, and program management specializing in all aspects of commercial and military flight-, sea-, and land-borne Simulation and Training systems to include:

  • Developing new aircrew, ground-based vehicle and maintenance training devices
  • Engineering and deployment of concurrency and sustainment modifications
  • Providing interim and/or long-term life cycle logistics and maintenance support for numerous CONUS and OCONUS sites

CymSTAR is located within the Tulsa, Oklahoma metropolitan area with convenient, central access to our customers within the United States.

CymSTAR consistently meets or exceeds our military and commercial customers’ expectations.

CymSTAR’s performance demonstrates our commitment to a different style of doing business. Our refined and proven Management and Systems Engineering processes have allowed the CymSTAR team to deliver 125+ contracts with 900+ end items delivered on time and on budget.

  • CymSTAR maximizes the use of open-architectures and methods
  • CymSTAR maximizes the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items
  • CymSTAR maximizes use of components that can be sourced in the US

CymSTAR provides full documentation and unlimited intellectual data rights on all organically designed and developed components and services.