Who We Are
CymSTAR LLC and CymSTAR Services LLC share the same management and engineering core team of experienced professionals with over 25 years in the Training and Simulation industry. Together, we specialize in all aspects of commercial and military Simulation and Training Systems.

CymSTAR LLC is a HUBZone Certified and Service‐Disabled Veteran‐Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) established in 2003 to develop & produce new training systems; provide engineering and systems integration for developing new or modifying existing Training Systems for all branches of the United States military, including Foreign Military Sales, as well as for commercial customers.

CymSTAR Services LLC is a Service‐Disabled Veteran‐Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) established in 2007 to provide Training Systems Management & support, to include Training System Support Centers (TSSC), Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) services, Aircrew Training Systems (ATS), Maintenance Training Systems (MTS), Ground-Based Tactical Training Systems, Pilot, Flight Engineer, and Loadmaster Instruction, Live Fire Ranges maintenance & logistical support and other ancillary support services. CymSTAR LLC provides engineering reach-back and surge capability support from its Headquarters engineering staff.

What We Offer

Since 2003, CymSTAR continues to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and expectations for a vigilant military and the private sector. We offer refined and proven Management, System Engineering, and Sustainment approach that identifies and mitigates risks, maximizes the use of non-proprietary commercial off the shelf (COTS) products, open system designs, and delivers unlimited data rights on all products developed for Simulation Training Systems.

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CymSTAR has a history of exceeding customer expectations.

As a financially secure and proven  supplier, we prefer Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contracts that exemplify our on-time performance:

  • New Flight, Sea or Ground-Based Vehicle Tactical, Maintenance, and Part-Task Training Devices
  • Low-risk systems engineering and integration for weapon system concurrency upgrades, technology insertions, and obsolescence modifications
  • Avionics Modernization Programs, simulation subsystem re-hosting, and flight aerodynamic modeling compliant to Risk Management Framework (RMF)
  • Non-proprietary, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, open source software designs, and unlimited data rights leading to lower procurement and life cycle sustainment costs
  • Training Systems and live fire range sustainment to include competitive site Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) maintenance, and vital Training Systems Support Center (TSSC) engineering, management, and operation

What We Have Done

Since our inception in 2003, we have developed and delivered 900+ new training devices or training device modifications on 125+ military contracts, either meeting or exceeding the contracted Ready For Training (RFT) date to include Simulation Certification (SIMCERT). Contracts included: A-10, C-5, C-130, F-16, HH-60W CRH, KC-10, KC-46A, KC-135, RC-135, and UH-1N training devices currently under the domains of USAF ATS contracts; UH-1, UH-60A, AH-64, A/MH-6, and NCM3 under the domain of the US ARMY, and C-130 and AV-8B under the USNAVY/USMC domain. CymSTAR is currently performing modifications to existing tactical trainers, as well as build-to-print productions, for the US Army. Additionally, we have performed multiple Maintenance Trainer Modifications and developed a Machine Gun simulator for use at the USMC live fire ranges. Nearly all these programs were awarded as Firm-Fixed Price contracts. CymSTAR Services Experience includes Training System Management, personnel and support for the USAF A-10 ATS, C-5 ATS, C-5 Maintenance and Aircrew Training System (MATS), C-130J MATS, and F-16 TS operations, maintenance and sustainment efforts. US ARMY’s Warfighter focus program which included supported for live fire ranges with engineering and logistical support.

Asymmetric Manufacturing Facility in Tulsa, OK

How We Do It

CymSTAR is self-sufficient, performing all its own program management, engineering, integration and testing. Our vast experience in simulator modifications enables us to proactively identify and mitigate technical risks. Our primary mitigation approach is to develop rapid prototypes utilizing in-house test benches or System Integration Laboratories (SIL) for all high-risk items early in the program to verify initial design concepts resulting in eliminating risk. Using this proactive risk mitigation coupled with rigorous testing, CymSTAR identifies and eliminates issues before shipping our products to site for final integration and test. Additionally, we utilization teammates or suppliers who supply existing products resulting in CymSTAR providing low risk solutions. This three prong combined approach enables us to be low risk, very cost-effective at performing on time, within budget and at competitive prices.

Recent Projects