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CymSTAR has 10+ year history of operating and managing USAF Aircrew Training System (ATS) programs for different aircraft platforms (A-10, C-5, E-4B and C-130J).

In an ATS program, CymSTAR manages all personnel assigned at locations in the U.S., maintaining a high level of trainer availability.

Our ATS mandates frequently include overseeing Training System Support Center (TSSC) operations, which can extend to the following positions and areas of expertise: engineering, IT, cybersecurity, software configuration manager/data manager (CM/DM), technical writers, subject matter experts (SMEs), quality assurance and courseware development to CLS functions (simulator technicians and logisticians) and instruction (pilot, flight engineer and loadmaster).

Minor modifications are accomplished by the assigned TSSC engineering staff, whereas major modifications are contracted as an Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) for engineers at our headquarters to action.

CymSTAR performs in a wide range of services, such as managing pilot SMEs in support of the Distributed Training Operations Center (DTOC) and ground technicians in support of Live Fire activities in support of the U.S. Army’s Warfighter Field Operations Customer Support (FOCUS) program (WFF).
Modifications – Obsolescence Upgrades

CymSTAR follows sound obsolescence mitigation plans to forecast and analyze potential Diminishing Manufacturing Sources/Material Shortages (DMS/MS) with ATS hardware, firmware, and/or software.

If a forecasted item adversely impacts reliability, availability, or maintainability, we propose alternate solutions for obsolete items through an Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) to determine suitable replacements.

CymSTAR then proposes and implements our technical solution to trainer devices or ATS documentation. Obsolescence mitigation approaches include conducting “lifetime buys,” finding alternate suppliers, and/or modifying the Product Baseline with an approved modification.

We also select and procure parts, components, and materials compatible with current ATS baselines that offer the same or improved life cycle cost benefits or compliance.

Modifications – Technology Insertion

In addition to upgrading ATS technology through obsolescence upgrades, CymSTAR seeks opportunities to provide the most advanced and realistic training to the warfighter. 

CymSTAR continues to expand our training devices to incorporate augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies and to develop virtual and containerized solutions to enable continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD). 

For classroom training, CymSTAR has developed interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) courses that use large format touchscreens and detailed graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to allow students the capability of seeing details that cannot be captured through use the of physical inspection alone.

Modifications – Concurrency Upgrades

CymSTAR’s approach for maintaining ATS concurrency with aircraft includes acquiring data that describes proposed and contracted changes to the aircraft. 

CymSTAR leadership participate in aircraft Configuration Review Boards (CRB) and continually interface with aerospace and avionics manufacturers, vendors, subcontractors and Defense personnel to gain early insight into future aircraft changes. 

Our team performs front-end analyses to identify and determine the technical and cost impacts an identified aircraft change will have on training systems. Our objective is to update affected trainers 30 to 60 days prior to the arrival of the first modified aircraft.

Training System Support Centers (TSSCs)

The TSSC is where the ATS data library is maintained for the program, configuration and data management are controlled, and minor modifications developed and integrated into the ATS to support the fleet. 

TSSC personnel/expertise can include engineering, cybersecurity, IT,  courseware developers, CM/DM, tech writing, quality assurance, SMEs and logistics.

Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)

The primary role of Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) is ATS sustainment. CLS usually includes a simulator technician and logistics staff. CLS performs all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and supervises trainer obsolescence mitigation.


CymSTAR instructional staff are on-site at all ATD locations. The bulk of instruction occurs at the location of the platform schoolhouse. There, the instructors have the responsibility to conduct both initial and refresher training, whereas at other locations, they customarily conduct refresher training.


We possess strong courseware development/update capabilities based on our experience as the current C-5 ATS and former C-130J Maintenance and Aircrew Training System (MATS) prime contractor. 

CymSTAR employs instructional system development (ISD) principles to optimize courseware effectiveness. We applied lessons learned from the C-130J MATS (courseware, instruction and training management systems) and employed similar processes in our work on the C-5 ATS contract to improve the C-5 courseware baseline. 

Experiences from our C-130J MATS and C-5 ATS contracts have proven applicable to the maintenance and update of courseware on our E-4B training center contract (detailed in Program Successes below).

ISD methodology, combined with the latest learning technologies, SME buy-in and end-user feedback enable us to effectively tailor courseware. Our process also addresses the life cycle sustainment of computer-based training products used in parallel with the training systems.

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