Products & Services

CymSTAR is cost effective at providing your training system needs.

  • Engineering Studies & Analyses.  CymSTAR conducts and delivers numerous simulation engineering trade studies that explore customer objectives and design alternatives to meet performance, cost, schedule, supportability, and sustainment requirements.
  • Key New Technologies. CymSTAR maintains a presence in today’s emerging simulation and training technologies.
  • New Training System Development.  CymSTAR develops training equipment with non-proprietary commercial off the shelf (COTS) components that significantly reduce procurement costs, life cycle sustainment costs, and design risks.
  • Training Systems Modifications.  CymSTAR’s engineering staff possesses years of expertise to interpret, understand, and modify Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) designs with minimal alterations to original, fielded systems.
  • Training Systems Support.  CymSTAR Services provides vital engineering and maintenance functions to sustain the lifecycle of Aircrew Training Systems (ATS), Maintenance Training Systems (MTS), and live fire ranges.

Successful on-time, on-budget completion of ALL of our projects is direct evidence of CymSTAR’s excellent capability to interpret and understand original manufacturer designs. This demonstrated experience translates directly into lower program cost, schedule, and performance risk.