Patrick Skinner

Quality and Compliance Manager

Patrick Skinner joined CymSTAR in March 2020 as Quality Manager.

In 2021, Patrick assumed leadership of the company’s cybersecurity compliance strategy. In this role, Patrick maintains conformity with applicable industry standards, including those set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, International Organization for Standardization and Department of Defense.

In support of CymSTAR’s Quality Management System (QMS), he reviews and approves all procedures; oversees continuous improvement activities; tracks and reports organizational performance metrics; reviews and approves potential vendors; and ensures customer satisfaction. Patrick also supervises CymSTAR’s cybersecurity team, which is responsible for securing both corporate networks and many customer deliverables.

His prior experience includes managing quality for companies in the aerospace and gambling industries. Fresh out of college, his first job involved hands-on work with flight simulators, including building instruments and panels, kitting parts, and running tests on cockpits and various simulator components. Patrick later served on the board of examiners for the Oklahoma Quality Foundation. He worked to implement Baldridge-based performance excellence criteria, contributing to the team winning the highest state-level award for performance excellence.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science in aviation technology management and an associate degree in aerospace electronics. Additionally, he has earned an array of professional certifications.

A California native and former Boy Scout, he enjoys fishing and target shooting. Playing video games and auto racing are also favorite hobbies. On weekends, Patrick, his wife and their two daughters regularly travel to local and regional swim meets where the eldest child competes.