Quality Policy

CymSTAR’s Quality Policy is to continuously improve operating efficiencies in order to achieve the expectations of our customers, employees, and investors. The method to achieve these goals is, as follows:

  • Improve Operating Efficiencies by continuously charging its employee with (1) the responsibility to comply with all established and applicable quality processes, procedures, and work instructions and (2) the obligation and authority to propose improvements to any aspect of the Quality System, including this manual, quality objectives, quality processes, procedures, and work instructions.
  • Achieve the expectations of our customers by delivering solutions that are low cost, on time, and have zero discrepancies.
  • Achieve the expectations of our employees by treating them with respect, empowering them with responsibility and authority, and rewarding them for successful results with profit sharing.
  • Achieve the expectations of our investors by competing for and winning business with reasonable profit potential, completing programs within the bid margins, and operating our business with integrity.

CymSTAR’s executive management is responsible for assuring the implementation of this policy and is committed to its success.